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Safe, Secure and faster Internet on all devices

NetSequre – Internet Security is software for Wi-Fi routers to offers Internet Security and Online child protection for all connected devices.

Protects every device from online threats

Protects your every device with centralized security on Wi-Fi router. 

  • Blocks Phishing / Fake websites

  • Blocks Websites that promote Malware / Spywares

  • Blocks websites that are infected by Virus / Malware

Peace of mind for busy parents

Protects your kids from online adult and mature content

  • Blocks adult websites and videos

  • Filters YouTube Videos and Google Images for adult content

  • Protection from latest online adult content

Blocking Page for phishing / Malware site

It does not matter which browser you use or which operating system you use. NetSequre protect each and every network device.

Blocking Page shown for blocked adult content

Content filtering that cannot be bypassed.  Blocked page is shown on kids devices when they stumble upon adult sites.

Hack proof network environment

  • Long and complex passwords setup for each Wi-Fi network

  • No fancy features that reduces network security like UPnP, WPS etc.

  • There is no extra app required on devices. Thus nothing can be disabled or uninstalled to bypass networks security

  • Advanced Firewall rules to block cross network hacking

  • Auto-Updates Router firmware/software

Separate Guest Wi-Fi

  • Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network for better privacy

  • Define network security policy for Guest Wi-Fi

Multi-Vendor Router Support

NetSequre software/firmware can be installed on various available routers like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link, Asus, Linksys and many more.

You select hardware of your choice based on performance or price.  

Upgrade your home/office router for NetSequre firmware and get started now. Learn more.

Cloud Managed Router

Genie router is cloud router and can thus be managed from anywhere.

Best suited for Home / Small-Office

  • Easy to Setup

  • Out-Of-The-Box protection for every connected device

  • One stop solution for Online Child Safety

  • Up-to-date protection with cloud platform

  • Cost effective solution to protect multiple devices