NetSequre Cloud Router Management Features 2017-10-29T04:30:10+00:00

Manage, Monitor and Fix  Routers With Web-Dashboard

NetSequre Cloud Router Management is for ISPs to manage customer premise Wi-Fi routers.  Centrally manage all your user’s routers for the health check and troubleshooting.

It works with NetSequre Routers and around 200+ popular Wi-Fi routers with our firmware/software running on it.

Main Dashboard

Main dashboard as seen by ISPs. List all operators (zones) and routers registered

All Routers List

List of routers and their online status. One quick way to know health check of your system.

Router Settings Page

Check and set router properties remotely. Any changes in router get updated in a couple of minutes.

Monitor Router Changes

Monitor who is making changes on the router and when. Changes directly made on the router web pages are all recorded.

Router Reports

Check out reports on registered and connected routers.

Get Started Now – Its free!

ISPs can get started for free. No registration charges or any management cost to ISPs.

Register and start adding routers under subscribers now!  Explained in easy 1-2-3 steps.