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About Us

NetSequre – Total Internet Security is a product brought to you by – NetSequre Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India.

Our Vision: To make the Internet safe and secure for anybody, anywhere on any device.

NetSequre team is backed with a decade of experience in a reputed Security company. Our board of advisors are security experts.

We at NetSequre are pretty excited about securing home/offices to provide safe and secure Internet in a much easy way. Our expertise in network security, online threats, and online child safety is transformed into a product that we think everyone should use.

There are more and more devices going to be connected at your home/office and not all can be secured by installing an Antivirus/Firewall. It makes perfect sense to move online security one level up to Wi-Fi router and protect every connected device. Our aim at NetSequre is to provide the best level of protection to every device at home/office.

At NetSequre we strive for simplicity in providing the best level of security. We believe that security should not cause inconvenience and should just integrate well without the user even knowing about it – silently protect every device without causing any noise.

Feedback is always welcomed. Please write to us at info@netsequre.net and we will be happy to reply.

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NetSequre Team