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Safe, Secure and faster Internet on all devices

NetSequre – Total Internet Security is a smart Wi-Fi router technology which offers Internet Security and Online child protection for all connected devices.

News: NetSequre – Among top 5 all India Startups 2018 at #HeadstartX. Here is the full story.

IoT Security

Protects your every connected device with centralized security on Wi-Fi router. 

  • Blocks Phishing / Fake websites

  • Blocks Malware / Spyware spreading sites

  • Blocks Virus / Malware infected sites

Peace of mind for busy parents

Protects your kids from online adult and mature content

  • Blocks adult websites and videos

  • Filters YouTube Videos and Google Images for adult content

  • Pre-Configured with all required settings to protect kids devices instantly

All round online child safety

Let Kids enjoy good things on the Internet & we will take care of blocking the bad things.

  • Block Web-Emails / File Transfers / Torrent Downloads

  • Blocks Unknown and Unnamed web traffic. E.g URLs with IP addresses

  • Protection that cannot be bypassed using proxies and other tools

Better privacy and security

  • Enforces network policy

  • Privacy from web-trackers

  • Encrypts DNS queries for privacy

Clean Ad free pages that load faster

AdBlock runs centrally on our Wi-Fi router and blocks all Advertisements on all devices.

What you get is –

  • Clean and faster page loading

  • Block ads that spread viruses

  • Saves network bandwidth

Secure Smart Home

  • Protected every Wi-Fi connected device at home

  • Advanced Firewall that can’t be bypassed

  • Long and complex passwords setup for each Wi-Fi network

  • Auto-Updates Router firmware / software

Separate Wi-Fi for guest 

  • Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network for better privacy

  • Bandwidth control for Guest Wi-Fi

  • Define network security policy for Guest Wi-Fi

Easy to setup web blocking

You can easily block pre-defined categories like social-network, chat, videos, games, shopping, web-mail and search.  On every network type(primary, child-safe and guest) different rules can be applied. We already pre-defined rules to get you started instantly.

Multi-Vendor Router Support

NetSequre software/firmware can be installed on various market available routers like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link, Asus, Linksys and many more.

Select hardware of your choice based on performance or price.  

Upgrade your home/office router for NetSequre firmware and get started now.

Cloud Managed Router

NetSequre is a cloud router and can thus be managed securely from anywhere. 

OpenVPN for additional security & privacy

VPN is the crucial technology for privacy & security. VPN on NetSequre router provides these benefits

  • It avoids installing & configuring VPN on all required devices

  • It the easiest way protects every connected device

Use your preferred VPN vendor like PIA, NordVPN, HMA or any other and import *.ovpn to start protection.

NetSequre Vs Others

Best suited for Home / Small-Office

  • Easy to Setup

  • Cost effective solution to protect multiple devices

  • Out-Of-The-Box protection for every connected device

N300 Router with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n

Gigabit & Dualband router for high speed Internet